From the first moment you pick up an XP metal detector, you will find it easy to handle and use, whether experienced or a complete novice. At Regton you will find a full range of XP metal detectors from traditional wired machines to top-of-the-range wireless detectors.

Conscious of respecting the environment and fighting against planned obsolescence, XP Metal Detectors is the first company to be awarded the new Longtime® label, the first European label to identify and promote products designed to last. Three main requirements to which our company is particularly committed: sustainable design, repairability and long-term warranty.

XP Metal Detectors guarantees its metal detectors for 5 years and offers repair for a minimum of 10 years. In addition, XP has also invested in renewable energy by constructing a very high-energy performance building, heated by solar thermal panels combined with a wood pellet boiler, making it a zero CO2 emission building for heating.

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  2. XP XTREM HUNTER TX & RX Coils, Remote control & WSAIIXL Headphones

  3. Deus II Metal Detector - XP

  4. XP ORX Metal Detector

  5. Deus Metal Detector - XP

  6. XP Deus II with 11"x13" FMF Coil & Remote Control

  7. XP Deus II WS6 MASTER with 11"x13" FMF Coil

  8. XP Deus II with 11"x13" FMF coil, Remote Control & WS6 Headphones

  9. XP Deus II WS6 MASTER with 11" FMF Coil

  10. XP Deus II WS6 MASTER with 9" FMF Coil

  11. XP Deus II with 11" FMF Coil & Remote Control

  12. XP Deus II with 9" FMF Coil & Remote Control

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