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XP DEUS V5 wireless metal detector.

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Deus v5

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Deus x35 coils features

Deus x35 v5 features


Functions & Features of XP DEUS metal detector:

Four Non-Motion modes:

  • NON MOTION AUDIO DISC with ACCEPT/REJECT meter and audio discrimination, low/high 
  • NON MOTION ALL METAL - Useful, for example, to locate cache/hoard inside houses, cellars. For conventional searching, on fields, Motion programs would be easier.

Main Menu:

  • Ground mineralisation meter, this gives a reading when the ground is bad. 
  • Signal strength meter featuring Accept/Reject indicator.          
  • Audio Response - Expert- Audio overload setting - to choose an overload sound when a target is very close to the search head
  • Program 7: WET BEACH -Deeper wet beach program
  • Program 8: DRY BEACH, Suitable for dry sand.

A breakthrough in technology

DEUS wireless metal detectors mark a technological breakthrough and a design innovation in the metal detector world. Its patented platform is based on three elements, a Coil/head, a Remote Control/meter and a set of Audio Headphones (WS4 or 5). These elements are unique in that they communicate with each other via an instantaneous digital radio link.

Speed, power, precision, low weight and compactness

All of the above have all been achieved by the incorporation of components developed for leading-edge technologies. The search coil contains the essential components for processing the signals, which no longer need to be conveyed via a wire link but are digitised and analysed directly at source by an ultra-miniature digital circuit, which greatly improves the quality of signal acquisition. This circuit, which is integrated into the detection head, processes the information and sends it to the headphones and remote control in real-time via a radio link.

Turn off the remote control and DEUS continues to work from just the headphones.

The headphones can control the detector alone, enabling you to go detecting with an even more portable configuration (just 875g). Without the remote control, the headphones enable you to adjust all the main detection settings: Sensitivity, Discrimination, Ground Balance, Frequency (X35 coil. 4 kHz, 8 kHz, 12 kHz, 18 kHz, 28kHz), Multi-Tones, etc. and recall programmes previously created with the remote control. Beyond the initial adjustments, there are a host of adjustments in the submenu, allowing more technical adjustments to be made & saved.

Deploy or fold away your stem in just 5 seconds!

The patented stem can be stored away instantly and is much easier to handle than a straight stem with an integral handle. It is particularly comfortable to use because of its shaped handle and improved operating angle. A bonus is a speed at which you can change coils. One lever and lower stem with the coil is removed, swap the coil, set length & push the lever back to a locked position.

DEUS 'Full' comes with Deus Telescopic stem.

Deus 'Lite' comes with Deus lite telescopic plastic handle assembly.




XP DEUS Metal Detector Specifications:


Digital wireless


36 automatic channels

Radio frequencies and Radio power

2.4 MHz/0.56 mW

Detection frequency

4 kHz, 8kHz, 12 kHz, 18 kHz, 28 kHz + shifts


99 levels

Transmitter Power

3 levels


6 levels

Sound Curve

6 levels

Iron level

6 levels

Multi tones

1, 2, 3, 4 tones, Pitch + Expert

Ground balance

Tracking, Pumping, Manual, Wet beach


Yes, with adjustable window width


Motion/None Motion


Yes, audio and visual


Audio and visual

Iron discrimination range

82 levels

None-iron discrimination range

90 levels

Factory programmes

x10 (can be modified and saved)

Audio volume

Yes on wireless headphones



Beach metal detecting:

XP Deus can be used for Wet/Salt Sand where salt mineralisation has dispersed (below the high tide line).

It has two dedicated pre-set programmes for dry and wet beaches.
Program 7: WET BEACH -Deeper wet beach program.
Program 8: DRY BEACH, Suitable for dry sand.

More Information
Brand XP
Detector Type Multi Frequency
Waterproof Coil Yes
Weatherproof No
Prospecting General
Frequency modes Multi Frequency
Frequency 4-80kHz (Depends on coil)
Coil Size from 9 - 13 inch
Changeable Coil Yes
Wireless Coil Yes
Wireless Pin Pointer Supported
Wireless Headphones Supported
Audio Socket Small Jack (3.5 mm)
Volume Control Yes
Built-In Battery Yes
Battery Type Lithium-ion (Li-Ion)
Battery Included Yes
Display Yes
Display Backlight Yes
PinPoint Mode Yes
Target Depth Yes
Target I.D. Yes
Included Stem, Coil, Coil Cover, Batteries, USB Charger Lead
Warranty 5 Years

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