A wide range of specialist digging and recovery tools for metal detecting. Trowels, spades, sand scoops and other tools to retrieve metal detector finds from the ground. A choice of mild steel and heavy-duty stainless steel digging spades to suit every detectorist's needs.

Including brands like Black Ada, Evolution, Garrett, Draper, Burgon & Ball and more.

Digging tools warranty information

Whilst any of the spades, scoops or tools we sell are of the highest quality we cannot guarantee against using the tool beyond their design strength, anything has a limit & anything can & will bend if you go beyond that point, please also beware that if you force in the wrong direction any strength built into the design will be negated. Welds are covered by warranty however over the last 35+ years we have never seen any welds fail on any Black Ada or Evolution spades or scoops.

If, when you receive the new tool you are not happy to accept the above please return the unused item to us for a full refund.

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  1. Scanmag Neodymium Magnet (100 kg)

  2. Nokta Premium Digger

  3. Roughneck Micro Shovel

  4. XP Gold Pan Premium kit - Damaged external packaging

    Special Price £48.36 Regular Price £56.90
    Out of stock
  5. Garrett Razor Relic Shovel

  6. 20m High Quality Magnet Fishing Rope With Carabiner 1000kg

  7. 300 X™ Double-sided Clamp Neodymium 600KG Fishing Magnet

    Out of stock
  8. 250 X™ Double-Sided Clamp Neodymium 500KG Fishing Magnet

  9. 200 X™ Double-sided Clamp Neodymium 400KG Fishing Magnet

    Out of stock
  10. 120 X™ Double-sided Clamp Neodymium 240KG Fishing Magnet

    Out of stock
  11. Gold Prospecting XP Vial (20ml / 0.67oz)

  12. Gold Prospecting XP Pipette (3ml / 0.1oz)

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