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At Regton we have what is probably the largest selection of metal detecting-related books, and maps in the country. Whatever you are looking for from coin identification books to advice on cleaning and restoring your finds, we have the book for you. Books for the beginner and more advanced treasure hunter or just general handbooks for detectorists, we have them all. General research books to help you to identify your finds, from Iron & Bronze Age to modern times books. If you're not sure which book to go for or it's a present, get in touch with us and we can advise you, you can email us or telephone on 0121 359 2379

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  1. Coins of England 2021 Spink
    Coins of England 2022 Spink
  2.  Benet's Artefacts of England Third Edition
    Benet's Artefacts of England Fourth Edition
  3. Coins of England 2021 Spink
    Coins of England 2021 Spink
  4. Old Garden Tools
    Old Garden Tools
  5. BritishGallantry Awards 1855-2000
    BritishGallantry Awards 1855-2000
  6. Benet's Artefacts 3 pack
    Benet's Artefacts vol. 1,2 and 3 pack
  7. The Simplex+ Handbook
    The Simplex+ Handbook
  8. Garrett ACE150/250 Instruction manual
    Garrett ACE150/250 Instruction manual
  9. Book cover
    Coin Finds In Britain
  10. Instruction Manual for XP ORX Metal Detector
    Instruction Manual for XP ORX Metal Detector
  11. Short Cross Legends - Rvised Edition
    Short Cross Legends - Revised Edition
  12. Pulspower book
    PulsePower: Finding Gold at the Shore with a Pulse Metal detector
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