C.Scope is superb value for any metal detectorist; they are easy to use, powerful, with carefully selected operating frequencies, closely balanced to soil conditions, smart responsive electronics and use maximum depth on ground types.

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  1. Ex Display C.Scope 3MX

    Special Price £254.15 Regular Price £299.00
    Out of stock
  2. C Scope 3MXi Pro Metal Detector

  3. C.Scope CS1MX Metal Detector

    Out of stock
  4. C.Scope C.S4Pi Metal Detector

  5. C.Scope CS1220XD Metal Detector

  6. C.Scope CS4MXi Metal Detector

  7. C.Scope 6MXi Metal Detector

  8. C.Scope 770XD Non-Motion Metal Detector

  9. C.Scope 990XD Metal Detector

  10. C.Scope 2MX Metal Detector

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