XP ORX Metal Detector

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XP ORX metal detector is a high-tech machine capable of outstanding performance.

XP ORX metal detector is a high-tech machine capable of outstanding performance.

The ORX is designed and made in France. The ORX is innovative in metal detector design as it presents a unique system established on different wireless components transmitting via a digital radio link. The search coil and remote control have been made independent by incorporating very compact high-capacity lithium batteries in this new design. An ultra-miniature electronic circuit digitises and analyses the signals integrated into the search coil. The signal is processed at the source and not transferred via a wire link, significantly improving data quality.
Combining components from leading-edge technologies such as scientific instrumentation has helped XP to make a powerful, lightweight, fast, compact and fully controllable digital detector.

Whether you are a professional detectorist or a beginner, the ORX allows you to choose whether or not to change any of its remote control settings. Powerful pre-configured factory programs enable to get started instantly, while expert detectorists can choose more advanced parameters via the intuitive interface.

The new patented XP stem has the combined advantages of an S-shaped stem and a straight telescopic stem. It allows you to extend or fold the machine in just a few seconds and change the coil instantly.

More Information
Brand XP
Detector Type Simultanious Multi Frequency and Motion
Waterproof Coil Yes
Weatherproof No
Prospecting General
Frequency 4-80 kHz
Changeable Coil Yes
Wireless Coil No
Wireless Pin Pointer Supported
Wireless Headphones Supported
Audio Socket Small Jack (3.5 mm)
Volume Control Yes
Built-In Battery No
Battery Type Lithium-ion (Li-Ion)
Battery Included Yes
Display Yes
Display Backlight Yes
PinPoint Mode No
Target Depth No
Target I.D. No
Included Stem, Control Box, Control Box Cover, Coil, Coil Cover, Remote, USB Charger Lead
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