Beach & Underwater Detecting

An extensive selection of books for beach and underwater metal detecting, and specific metal detectors for underwater and beach use.

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  1. Advanced Shallow Water Metal Detecting

  2. Water Hunting Secrets of the PRO's Vol 2

  3. Beach, Inland and Shallow Water Treasure Hunting with the Minelab Sovereign Series Metal Detectors

  4. Shallow water hunting explained

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  5. The Gold Jewelry Hunter's Handbook: Finding Lost Gold at Beach, Park and Shoreline Metal Detecting Sites

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  6. Advanced Methods for Finding Gold in the Water with the Minelab Excalibur

  7. Water Hunting Secrets of the PRO's

  8. Sunken Treasure: How to find it

  9. Shallow Water Metal Detecting "Lessons from the Pros"

  10. Shoreline Treasure Hunting with the Minelab Excalibur: Methods and Applications

  11. Metal Detecting on the Coast

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  12. H2 Oh Underwater

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