Children's Metal Detectors

Browse our range of metal detectors that are suitable for use by children. These detectors are not toys but are lightweight and can be adjusted to suit a Childs smaller height. Take your kids to the beach, the park or just your back garden. Metal detecting is a family-friendly hobby, and can make a great day out.

These detectors are not toys, they are lightweight and can be adjusted to suit a child's height.

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  1. Garrett ACE 200i Metal Detector

  2. Viking V1 Metal Detector

  3. Viking V5 Metal Detector

  4. Nokta Midi Hoard

  5. Mini Hoard with Cool Kit

  6. Nokta Mini Hoard Metal Detector

  7. Garrett Ace 150 with Headphones and Coil Cover

  8. Garrett Children's Ace 200i

  9. Garrett Ace 200i with Headphones & Coil Cover

  10. Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector

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