Optimize Your Detecting Experience with Minelab Coils. Elevate performance and coverage with our range of high-quality search coils. Engineered for precision, durability, and compatibility with Minelab metal detectors. From enhanced sensitivity to versatile designs, our coils cater to every detectorist's needs. Unlock the full potential of your exploration and unearth hidden treasures with confidence. Trust Minelab for innovative coil technology that takes your metal detecting to new depths. Explore more, discover more with Minelab Coils.

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  1. Minelab M15 coil for Manticore

  2. Minelab M11 Coil for Manticore

    Out of stock
  3. Minelab M8 Coil for Manticore

  4. Minelab V8 Coil for Vanquish

    Out of stock
  5. Minelab V10 Coil for Vanquish

    Out of stock
  6. Minelab V12 Coil for Vanquish

    Out of stock
  7. Minelab V12X Coil for X-Terra Pro

    Out of stock
  8. Minelab V10X Coil for X-Terra Pro

  9. Minelab V8X Coil for X-Terra Pro

    Out of stock
  10. Minelab CTX17 coil for CTX3030

  11. Minelab 11" Coil for Equinox

    Out of stock
  12. Minelab 6" coil for Equinox

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