Garrett Accessories

Garrett Accessories

Garrett Metal Detecting Accessories. A wide selection of genuine Garrett control box covers and stems, coils and coil covers and other miscellaneous Garrett accessories for all Garrett Metal Detectors. 

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  1. Garrett Razor Relic Shovel

  2. Label/sticker set for Garrett AT Pro Int.

  3. Garrett Middle Stem Camlock - outer

  4. Garrett Arm Cup Strap

  5. Battery Access Cover for Garrett AT Models.

  6. Garrett All Terrain Dig Finds Pouch

  7. Garrett Middle Stem Camlock - inner with thread

  8. 1/4" Headphone Adaptor for Garrett Ace APEX

  9. Garrett AT blanking cap for lead

  10. Garrett AT blanking cap for socket

  11. Control Box Cover for Garrett APEX

  12. Label/sticker set for Garrett Ace 200i

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