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metal detecting holidays        metal detecting holidays    metal detecting holidays

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Metal Detecting forums & finds sites


UK and European Metal Detecting Forum

UK and European Metal Detecting Forum

Larson Jewelers

      Larson Jewelers

     Fine and Unique Wedding Bands

     Metal Detecting for Beginners

UK Detector Finds Database   UK Detector Finds Database


Mid Cornwall History Hunters

Mid Cornwall History Hunters

 British Metal Detecting

   Federation of Independant Detectorists



UK Detector Net



 Metal Detectors


 Metal detecting Auction 


 Garrett Metal Detectors                                                            XP Metal Detectors     

 Metal Detecting Magazines


The Searcher Magazine
Treasure Hunting Magazine


Metal Detectors Shops

Detector Distribution

Metal Detecting Information

National Council for Metal Detecting

Stout Standards Metal detecting BLOG

Dick Stout Metal detecting


John Winter Blog

John Winter metal detecting Blog



Somerset metal detecting

Somerset Artifact Seekers Metal Detecting Club website. Founded in 2011 the groups aim and goal is to responsibly promote the hobby of metal detecting and to bring together individuals around Somerset who share a common interest and passion for metal detecting and history.


Metal Detecting Accessories

Black ADA – Advanced Digging Aids

Black ADA have been designing reliable and robust outdoor products built to withstand almost anything life can throw at them. Number one was beaten out by hand in a workshop in the UK by founder and trained toolmaker Archie Cole. Often referred to as ‘The Black ADA, Archie has always believed in making things that last. Years ago, Archie made his own trowel, which has served him well to this very day. The design of the trowel has been gradually perfected over the years.


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