Table Knives & Forks

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Table Knives & Forks. Soft back, 32 pages, Illustrated B&W, 15cm x 21cm.

Table Knives & Forks. Soft back, 32 pages, Illustrated B&W, 15cm x 21cm.

Knives are probably as old as man himself, whereas forks are a comparatively recent substitute for fingers. The histories of both are described with photos in this excellent little book.


  • Knives in early history
  • The rise of the cutler's companies (Medieval to mid Tudor, c. 1100-1550)
  • Elizabethan and early Stuart (c. 1550-1650)
  • Late Stuart and early Georgian (c.1650-1800)
  • The nineteenth century
  • Arts and crafts to the present
  • Further reading
  • Places to visit.


On the back cover:

Table knives and forks Knives have probably the longest history of any human artefacts and, with forks, are possibly the most used and taken for granted. In this book the history and development of their use as eating implements is traced from the earliest times and some hitherto unknown styles used in the middle ages are revealed. The art of the cutler and the rise of the cutler's companies are covered, as are the gradual introduction of the table fork and the evolution of the trio knife, fork and spoon during the early eighteenth century. The invention of stainless steel leads to the conclusion, with the development of more imaginative styles in the twentieth century and the modern designers of individual cutlery.

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