Spoons 1650 - 2000

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Spoons 1650 - 2000 ( Part Colour). Soft back, 64 pages, illustrated some colour, 15cm x 21cm.

Spoons 1650 - 2000 (Part Colour). Soft back, 64 pages, illustrated some colour, 15cm x 21cm.

A fascinating history of the humble spoon. This book covers the time from 1650 - 2000. The spoons covered are all metal and could be found out in the field. A great book for the metal detectorist, spoon collector or anyone interested in cutlery.


  • Early History
  • Commonwealth spoons
  • The later seventeenth century
  • The early eighteenth century
  • Specialised types of spoon
  • The mid eighteenth century to the mid nineteenth century
  • The arts and crafts movement to the present day
  • Further reading
  • Places to visit.

On the back cover:

Spoons probably have the longest history of any artefact and have been made ever since man discovered that handling liquids was vital to his existence. In this new colour edition of a popular title, Simon Moore traces the history of English spoons, noting their social position in history and the many changes in style and form as their versatility was discovered. Spoons that once graced medieval ducal tables and those of base metal used by commoners are illustrated and described. The author gives collectors some guidelines to follow should they find an antique spoon of unknown origin and date or be asked for an opinion. For this second edition the coverage of the British Arts and Crafts Movement has been expanded, examining its contribution to European design at the turn of the nineteenth century and showing how this influence was revisited on British design in the following decades.Simon Moore has been interested in antique eating cutlery since the late 1960s. A study of folding fruit knives began with a gift from a friend and led to a wider interest, encompassing first spoons and then knives and forks. He is currently researching the origins of the influences on twentieth-century and later spoon designs.

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