Handbook for Detectorists

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Handbook for Detectorists by G. Gesink. Soft back, 352 pages, Illustrated Colour, 17cm x 24cm.

Handbook for Detectorists by G. Gesink. Soft back, 352 pages, Illustrated Colour, 17cm x 24cm.

The Handbook for detectorists is a treasure chest of information about metal detectors, techniques, sites, finds and well kept secrets. Gert Gesink the Dutch author spent 3 years putting all of his knowledge as detectorist, metal detector distributor and writer together in one book. The stats for this book speak for themselves:

  • 850 grammes
  • 350 pages
  • More than 400 pictures in full colour
  • Over 1000 metal finds.


In this Handbook you can find all you want to know about metal detecting. In the States it is called: ‘the bible of metal detecting’ and is an absolute must for anyone serious about metal detecting. Almost every page is illustrated with a photograph, diagram or an example of metal detector finds.

On the back cover:

The author of this book, Gert Gesink has been involved in the hobby for 25 years. He started as a detectorist who over the years has managed to turn his hobby into a living as a writer and importer of metal detectors. This handbook contains all the knowledge, experience and valuable information from customers, detecting secrets and photographic material that he has managed to collect over the years. The book is a treasure trove: from the first to the very last chapter the reader can find useful information and lots of tips and ideas for searches that have never been published before. Hundreds of photographs of finds, finders and sites to compliment the text, making this book an exciting adventure, which can only be outdone by the thrill of actually being out there and the high of discovering your first beautiful find. Gesink hopes this book will contribute to the further development and broader appreciation of this hobby.

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