Complete Barrelling Kit

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Barrelling kit for cleaning metal detector finds and artefacts.

Colours may vary.

Barrelling Kit, complete with steel shapes, soap and full instructions.

Ideal for amateurs and professionals alike. This kit comes with a 3lb Barrel with Fins for cleaning jewellery, coins or metal. Included are 250g of Barrelbrite and 500g of Steel Media

Useful for bulk cleaning of certain kinds of metal finds. Partially fill the drum with steel shapes in the soap solution provided. Then add the objects to be cleaned and rotate for a period of time. This is a very harsh method of cleaning and is generally used for solid copper-alloy objects such as recent coinage or modern badges etc. Do not use on items that are plated or enamelled as this will be removed.


Technical specifications:

  • Drum size 14.5cm
  • Drum Volume 3lb
  • Power 240v
  • Plug UK 3 pin standard
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