Buckles by A&G Meredith

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Buckles by A&G Meredith. Soft back, 56 pages, Illustrated Colour, 15cm X 21cm.

Buckles by A&G Meredith. Soft back, 56 pages, Illustrated Colour, 15cm X 21cm.

The buckle is among the important and simple of inventions, and its basic design has changed little since Roman times. Buckles play an important part in the lives of many of us, but their diverse role- ranging from decorative use on evening costumes to rugged use in horse harnesses - is often taken for granted. In this colourful introduction to the subject, the authors explain the various materials and styles used to produce both the basic buckles in everyday use and the finely crafted pieces worthy of the jewellery box. Placing buckles in their historical context and following their changing roles in fashion and other uses, this book is ideal for collectors, those seeking guidance for period costumes and anyone interested in these essential, and often beautiful objects. Alan and Gillian Meredith have been acquiring and researching buckles over many years. The humble buckle is an oft-taken for granted fastening, yet its usefulness and sturdiness has ensured that it has survived from ancient times through to the present day. The author provides a comprehensive typology of buckles, from the earliest designs to the most recent uses. With detailed records of the types of buckles from different historical periods and listings of museums where they can be found, this book offers the re-enactor essential guidance for period costumes, and provides the collector or enthusiast with the information needed to continue or begin to learning about this enduring and practical object.

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