Garrett Accessories

Garrett Accessories

Garrett Metal Detecting Accessories. A wide selection of genuine Garrett control box covers and stems, coils and coil covers and other miscellaneous Garrett accessories for all Garrett Metal Detectors. 

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  1. Front panel decal/sticker for Garrett Ace300i

  2. Armcup screw for Garrett AT & Ace detectors

  3. Garrett Middle Stem with Cam-locks - LONG (+ 14cm)

  4. Z-Lynk lead to convert for AT Garrett Metal Detectors

  5. Case Assembly for Garrett AT Gold

  6. Case Assembly for Garrett AT Pro International

  7. Foam hand grip for round stem XP, Garrett & Minelab detectors

  8. Ace Junior Stem Assembly Kit

  9. Garrett Upper stem for ACE metal detectors

  10. Garrett Nut Bolt & Washer for Coils

  11. Garrett Middle Stem

  12. Garrett Lower Stem

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