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hobby metal detectors

Metal Detection Specialists

Welcome to our wonderful world of metal detecting.

We have designed this website to help you choose the perfect detector for you. Whether you are treasure hunting for fun or are a more experienced detectorist, we can help you find that hidden treasure. We have a wide range of metal detectors from manufactures worldwide such as Garrett, XP metal detectors, Scanmaster, Whites, Viking, C.Scope, Tesoro & Laser. So if you are looking for a discount metal detector or a top of the range detector, this is the web site for you. We also supply many metal detecting accessories such as books, coils, trowels & second hand detectors.

You could also visit our shop in Birmingham, the largest metal detector shop in the UK. All of the major Metal Detector brands are available in our extensive showroom in Birmingham. Some of the detectors on display include the new XP Deus and our best seller; the Garrett Ace 250. You can come and try one of the detectors out at any time during our opening hours in the largest metal detector shop in the UK.

security metal detectors

Security Metal Detectors

Hand Held metal detectors | Walkthrough detectors

These pages will guide you to the right detector for your needs whether it is for security, loss prevention or just for peace of mind. With security needs, in the world, ever changing it is more important than ever to be protected at all times. We can help with: school security, courthouse security, event security, nuclear security, warehouse loss prevention, airport security, correctional facilities and anti terrorism metal detectors.

Our main manufacturer, Garrett, are the global leader of walk-through, hand-held and ground search detection products and training for security and law enforcement applications.

We stock the following security detectors
Archways: Magnascanner PD 6500i walkthrough detectors, Magnascanner MT 5500 walkthrough detectors, Magnascanner CS 5000 archway detector,
Hand held body scanners: G100 Security and nail detector, Garrett Superscanner , Superwand, Tactical detector (THD) and the Scanmaster.

Our promise to you is that we can get our walkthrough metal detectors to you next day delivery.

metal detecting accessories

Metal Detecting Accessories

Regton stocks a full range of metal detector accessories for all of the manufacturers we list. From coils to trowels, bags, headphones and anything else you can think of to accompany your detector. Please go through to the hobby detectors web site to see more metal detectors and metal detector accessories that include:

We have what is probably the largest selection of metal detecting related books, videos and dvd's in the country. From research books to helping you to identify your finds, or from Iron & Bronze Age books to Saxon & Viking books.

From the Metal detecting blog

garrett metal detectors

Garrett Metal Detectors

The Garrett name has come to stand for more than just metal detection; it is a philosophy for unparalleled customer satisfaction. Garrett is passionate about metal detectors. Charles Garrett founded this company in 1964. His passion for treasure hunting stemmed from his love of the film Treasure Island; his interest in treasure hunting stemmed from the films scene where pirate treasure is found in a cave. This developed into an enthusiasm for metal detecting and has driven him to develop the best metal detectors, selling them for a fair and reasonable cost.

Regton has a full range of metal detectors from Garrett: Euro Ace, Ace 150 and Ace 250. We also stock the GTI 2500, GTI1500, Sea Hunter Mk II, Scorpion Goldstinger, and Garrett detecting accessories.

xp metal detectors

XP Metal Detectors

Since 1998, XP have developed and manufactured innovative, high-!--performance metal detectors in Toulouse, France. They have quickly built a name for themselves within the detecting enthusiast community. Using a collaboration between their engineers and their team of experienced detectorist, XP metal detectors have been designed in response to users’ expectations.

Now with the hugely popular and widely celebrated arrival of the DEUS, XP has invented a new generation of metal detectors that offers a user-friendly design and optimal performance. It pioneers towards a new exploring dimension, a powerful and fully wireless metal detector.

From the first moment you pick up an XP metal detector, you will find it easy to handle and use, whether experienced or a complete novice. We stock XP metal detectors including; Goldmaxx Power, Gmaxx 2, Adventis 2, ADX150; New 2 channel CORDLESS headphones for XP machines. Please note that the cordless headphones are for XP metal detectors only.

cscope metal detectors

C.Scope Metal Detectors

C.Scope is superb value for the professional detectorist; they are easy to use, powerful, with carefully selected operating frequencies, closely balanced to soil conditions, smart responsive electronics and use maximum depth on ground types.

The Rolling Stones bass guitarist Bill Wyman uses C.Scope detectors and always has done since he took up the hobby in 1991. Bill really likes the CS1220 concept for the way in which it recognises targets by their different sounds.

Regton sells C-Scope detectors including; Newforce R1, CS1MX, CS1220XD, 3MX, CS4PI 440XD, 990XD and 770XD and C-Scope metal detecting accessories.

whites metal detectors

Whites Metal Detectors

Whites Electronics (UK) Ltd is the only metal detector manufacturer to have plants on both sides of the Atlantic. They have full manufacturing, assembly and service repair facilities that cover their Hobby and Underwater detectors.

The NEW! Spectra VX3 has an easy-to-use menu-driven interface. Along with three frequencies, there are three search modes and a three-level Spectra-Graph� display which provides detailed target information for each frequency. With a level of straightforwardness for the novice user and advanced features to satisfy the experienced user, VX3 is a metal detector for everyone.

Full range of White's detectors including; Spectrum DFX E series, DFX300, Whites M6 Matrix, GMT TDi, Whites Coinmaster, Whites Coinmaster, Whites MXT, Whites MXT Pro, TM808, Surfmaster PI Pro Duel Field, V3i, VX3, and the White's Prizm range 5, 5G and 6T

scanmaster metal detectors

Scanmaster Metal Detectors

Scanmaster detectors are fast proving themselves to be THE number one best selling budget range of detectors in the UK. Scanmaster offer an excellent introduction to the hobby, to all age groups starting with the Scanmaster First, a metal detector ideal for younger children. The Scanmaster Gold and the new Gold II are next in the range. True motion metal detector with discrimination. The Scanmaster Logic Plus is a full featured motion detector with meter and tone ID.

Scanmaster metal detectors are our budget range for getting you started in the hobby. From the Scanmaster First for the youngster up to12 years old, through to the Scanmaster Logic for the whole family to have a fun day out detecting, the Scanmaster metal detector range has the right detector for you.

coiltek metal detecting coils

Quality Coils Made in Australia for Minelab Detectors

Coiltek are an Australian owned company who sell a broad range of coils and accessories for Minelab metal detectors, which include their gold hunting machines and relic/coin hunting machines, their business has been operating for 19 years and has grown with the popularity of metal detecting. We stock the following Coiltek coils; Coiltek 15" WOT , Quattro, Musketeer, Advantage and all Sovereign models. Coiltek Little Joey for Minelab detectors and the new Platypus 8 x 12 inch coil for Explorer and Quattro.

Coiltek 10'' x 5'' Little Joey Coil Small but sensitive weighing approximately 450 grams. The ellipse shape of the coil allows for easier targeting in high junk areas.

Coiltek 8'' x 12'' Platypus Coil The Coiltek Platypus coil is a suitable replacement for the standard 10” factory fitted coil on many Minelab metal detectors. It is lightweight, gives better balance, is more sensitive and performs well in trashy areas. The Platypus coil is ideal for getting into tight areas that a round coil may not be able to reach.

Coiltek 15'' WOT Coil For use with Minelab Sovereign metal detectors, inluding coil cover

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Directions to Regton Show Room

Centrally located in the heart of the UK, Birmingham, Regton Ltd is within easy reach of both Birmingham’s main train stations, Digbeth Coach Station and the Spaghetti Junction.

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Beginners guide

For advice on getting started, guidance on choosing the right machine for you and suggestions then take a look at this page.

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Interest Free Credit

We offer 0% APR interest free credit on all detector machines priced over £200.00 Please see all terms and conditions on the website before applying for this offer.

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Second Hand Metal Detectors

The used detector list changes almost daily so please visit this page frequently for the latest second hand metal detectors. We keep our range of second hand machines on display at all times in our shop in Birmingham so if you like you can see them at any time

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Metal Detectors Clubs

Here you will find information on UK based clubs and membership.

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Beach Detecting Tips

Here you will find beach detecting tips from W.F.Harris and our very own Nigel Ingram.

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Environmental Information

Information and guidance for using your detector within the Metal Detector Code of Conduct.

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Metal Detecting Glossary

A-Z glossary of Metal Detecting terms and specialised words with explanations.

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