Anglo-Saxon coin pendant found in Mildenhall is declared treasure

Mildenhall: Coin pendant found by metal detector on Suffolk farm is declared as ‘treasure’ by Suffolk coroner Dr Peter as it contained silver and gold.

The coin, discovered by Paul Flack  with a metal detector on Suffolk farm in Mildenhall area in February 2013

The coin, dating from 660 to 680

The Anglo-Saxon coin is pierced and may have been used as a pendant by high status members of the community in East Anglia. The discovery suggests the “trappings of an organised society” dating back nearly 1,400 years, an expert has said.

The coin appears to be copying Roman and Byzantine coins, said Faye Minter who records finds.

“The coin has been pierced and the remains of a separately cast cylindrical silver rivet are present towards one side of the flan, indicative of modification for usage as something other than a coin”

“Coins of this period were commonly either looped or pierced for suspension and worn as pendants, and it is likely that the purpose of the rivet was to secure a suspension loop.”

“And therefore that they had aspirations to be part of an imperial line or to claim affiliation with previous leaders of the Roman Empire – presumably to legitimise their rule or authority within their own Anglo-Saxon societies”

“High status rich Anglo Saxons did tend to convert certain coinage into jewellery. This example has been modified, possibly to be a necklace and would have been worn and displayed as a status symbol by the owner.”

Paul Flack , the owner of the coin must now offer the item for sale to a museum at a price set by experts.

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Mildenhall Coin pendant
Mildenhall: Coin pendant

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