Britain’s Secret Treasures

Britain’s Secret Treasures

Series of 8 Episodes

Transmission:  Thursday 8.30pm – 9.00pm

Channel:  ITV


From the ITV website:


Episode 1 Week 42

In episode one, broadcaster and anthropologist Mary Ann Ochota uncovers the story of some seemingly scrap metal that holds an incredible secret and baffled experts when it was first found in Lincolnshire.


Episode 2 Week 43

In episode two, we find out more about some erotic Roman figures, a banking crisis from the ancient world and a lost medal is returned to its rightful owners.


Episode 3 Week 44

In episode three, Bettany Hughes finds out more about a beautiful 18th century ring with a tragic story and Russell Grant explores horoscopes, Roman-style.


Episode 4 Week 45

n episode four, Lewis star Kevin Whately discovers what music sounded like 3000 years ago and Bettany Hughes travels toNorthern Irelandto find out more about an extraordinary Christian artefact called the Clonmore Shrine.



Episode 5 Week 46

In episode five Bettany is captivated by a piece of jewellery that once belonged to Henry Stuart, son of King James I and John Prescott finds out more about politics in Roman times.


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