XP Deus II: Unleashing Advanced Technology for Successful Treasure Hunting

Are you a passionate treasure hunter in search of the ultimate metal detector? Look no further than the XP Deus II. With its advanced technology and innovative features, the XP Deus II is revolutionising the world of metal detection. 

XP Deus II is designed to excel in all types of environments, including inland, freshwater, and saltwater. Its cutting-edge technology ensures exceptional results in every treasure hunting adventure. Thanks to its Fast Multi-Frequency (FMF®) technology, XP Deus II provides unparalleled performance in various detecting conditions.

XP takes pride in creating detectors without compromising on quality. Their philosophy is to engineer detectors up to the required specifications, paying meticulous attention to detail. The result is a product that exceeds expectations and stands out from the competition.

One of the standout features of the XP Deus II model is its wireless functionality. XP Deus II offers effortless pairing of its main components using the serial number. XP’s wireless protocol seamlessly transmits target signals to the speaker or headphones for easy detection. This wireless technology eliminates any delay, setting the XP Deus II apart from detectors which rely on Bluetooth or similar technologies.

In addition to its technological prowess, the XP Deus II boasts a super lightweight telescopic ‘S’ stem. This patented handle/stem assembly is intelligently designed to offer maximum comfort and durability. Unlike other manufacturers, XP’s ‘S’ shaped handle allows the stems to slide within each other, resulting in a more ergonomic design.

When using the XP Deus II, you have access to a range of customisation options. Customise your XP Deus II with different coil sizes and choose between a remote control or compact WS6 headphones which also act as a mini remote control. Complete your setup by selecting your preferred headphones, such as the WS6, WSAII or the larger WSA II-XL headphones. Check out our range of metal detecting accessories.

The XP Deus II components are powered by rechargeable Li-Po batteries, conveniently charged via USB. Whether you’re near a mains power source, in your vehicle, using a power pack, or relying on solar energy, the XP Deus II model has you covered. Furthermore, XP offers a 5-year warranty on all main components and 2 years on batteries, showcasing their commitment to longevity and customer satisfaction.

In summary, the XP Deus II metal detector combines advanced technology, lightweight design, wireless capabilities, and durable construction to provide an exceptional treasure hunting experience. With its FMF® technology, ergonomic ‘S’ stem, and customisable options, the XP Deus II empowers detectorists to uncover hidden treasures with ease.

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