Metal Detecting For Beginners 

Are you starting out in the metal detecting world? Our latest blog details all you need to know about metal detecting for beginners, including which metal detector is best to start out with and all the tools and tricks you need to get started on your rallies!

What is hobby metal detecting?

Hobby metal detecting consists of searching for objects with a metal detector. It’s a great hobby which incorporates exercise, engages you with history and is inclusive of all ages! The best thing about metal detecting is that anyone can do it – and it’s easy to get started.

Metal detecting for beginners: Where do I start?

There are only a few tools you really require to begin metal detecting. We recommend getting a metal detector for beginners, a tool to dig with, some specialist metal detecting headphones, a carry case for your equipment and something to store your finds in. 

We recommend starting with a well known brand, beware of brands that hide where they are made –  it’s best to check reviews before you make your purchase being sure the review is not backed by a retailer, look closely for links to where to buy….beware.  Ensure it’s not too basic or advanced for your needs. You can also purchase a guidebook or search online for information – perfect for metal detecting beginners. 

How do I meet other detectorists?

Joining a club or local Facebook page for metal detecting is the best way to meet others! Other detecting enthusiasts will be happy to share their knowledge, and organised events can help you understand the best areas to detect near you. 

If you are planning on detecting alone, make sure you obtain permission for detecting from the landowner. You need to have consent from a landowner before you begin to detect – and some areas require permits for metal detecting. 

If you’re looking for a metal detector for beginners, look no further than Regton. We have a wide range of handheld metal detectors and accessories for you to start your detecting journey.