Metal Detecting Tools: Make The Most Of Your Rallies!

If you want to know how to make the most of your rallies, our latest blog details what metal detecting tools are and how they can benefit you! Whether you’re a beginner to the metal detecting world, or you’ve been attending rallies for years, we have some top tips about tools that can help you!

What Are Metal Detecting Tools?

Metal detecting tools are extra accessories that make finding easier and more exciting. Most tools are portable and easy to store in a tool box or your favourite bag. We have some examples of tools and how they can help you.

  1. Metal Detector Headphones

Metal detector headphones are essential when you are hunting. They will cancel our sounds around you and ensure you are not missing any finds. You will also get privacy with these.

  1. Trowels and Diggers

Having the right metal detecting tools is key. With digging tools, ideally something that can dig deep holes with a small diameter works well – making filling holes back up easy.

  1. Metal Detecting Pouches and Bags

Finding a pouch or a bag to store your finds is important. You don’t want to lose your finds on site after spending the time and care to gather them!

  1. Metal Detecting Gloves

Metal detecting gloves can prevent you from cuts, abrasions, dirt and more! Finding the right pair of metal detecting gloves will keep you safe and clean. We recommend gloves with secure fitting. 

If you’re looking for metal detecting tools, Regton has got you covered. We stock a wide range of products including metal detecting gloves, trowels, headphones, pouches and more! Take a look at our range on our website.

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