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Historic Wrexham finds declared ‘treasures’

An Anglo-Saxon strap end, Bronze Age axe fragments and coins dating to the English Civil War are among several items declared as treasure by a coroner. An inquest in Wrexham yesterday also heard other finds dug up in North-East Wales included a 16th or 17th century silver hawking ring, a 17th century thimble and a 16th century silver dress clasp.
As a general rule, under the Treasure Act, for items to be declared treasure they must be at least 10% precious metal and more than 300 years old. The inquest heard two of the items, the silver coins and decorative silver strap end, were found by metal detecting enthusiast Chris Morris, of Pantymwyn in Flintshire. He found the strap end on farmland near Mold while out hunting for historical finds in May 2012.

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anglo saxon silver artefact metal detectorAnglo-Saxon silver strap end

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