Nigel’s recent visit to the XP HQ: Inside XP

Nigel very recently visited the XP HQ inFrance.  So we thought we would give you a whistle stop tour of inside the factory and to introduce some of the XP employee’s.

Here we can see the production team in action at the XP facility. Everyone of the team is dedicated to producing the highest quality detectors possible. Attention to detail is important as each detector is readied for use in the field.




Here is Jean at the service station. Jean has been a repair technician for several years, also an avid underwater detectorist

Victoria carefully installs the circuitry in DEUS headphones.





Joelle on the assembly line.

Catherine, who has been part of the team for several years, is one the XP programmers.




 A box of DEUS headphone front panels roll of the assembly line.


Isabelle carefully assembles the keypads for the wireless headphones.


 Production manager Cedric keeps operations running smoothly.

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