Deus version 4.1

Dear XP Customers,

Please note that from last week we started to deliver the DEUS with version 4.1 installed and will continue after our Christmas holidays.

The Deus version 4.1 update will be available to download from XP website at the beginning of January only.

Don’t hesitate to contact Nigel or Marcus at Regton, Gary Blackwell or any of the XP authorised dealers if you need further technical explanation about the 4.1.

All at XP would like to wish you a happy and exciting 2018!




New Products From XP

XP MI6 pinpoint probe and 9″ high frequency coil along with the Version 4 for XP Deus are due end of February – beginning of March as confirmed by XP today.

To pre-order please send as an email requesting the product. Include your name and contact telephone number.


Nigel’s recent visit to the XP HQ: Inside XP

Nigel very recently visited the XP HQ inFrance.  So we thought we would give you a whistle stop tour of inside the factory and to introduce some of the XP employee’s.

Here we can see the production team in action at the XP facility. Everyone of the team is dedicated to producing the highest quality detectors possible. Attention to detail is important as each detector is readied for use in the field.




Here is Jean at the service station. Jean has been a repair technician for several years, also an avid underwater detectorist

Victoria carefully installs the circuitry in DEUS headphones.





Joelle on the assembly line.

Catherine, who has been part of the team for several years, is one the XP programmers.




 A box of DEUS headphone front panels roll of the assembly line.


Isabelle carefully assembles the keypads for the wireless headphones.


 Production manager Cedric keeps operations running smoothly.

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Another Great Treasure Find with the Deus

One of the greatest finds from the 16th Century in over 100 years has been found using the Deus. Below are just two links to articles covering the story. The first link is to a video from a Danish television channel covering the story. NB Please note that the video is in Danish.

The second link is to an english translation of an article covering the story from the same news channel.

1. Published by TV2 east, Thursday 7th June 2012


2.  Published by TV2East, written by Jakob Olling, Friday 8th June 2012

A huge silver treasure from the 1500s appeared on Moen. It is the greatest treasure finds from the period in almost 100 years. Fortune hunter was a 28-year-old carpenter from Vordingborg, which was equipped with a metal detector.

– Taken from translated Article

Click the image below to go to the translated article:

tv2 deus coin hoard transaltion


















For the Original Article click here

XP Deus Metal Detector

metal detector xp deus