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Part One: Finding The Hoard




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This tale of the largest Anglo Saxon treasure hoard ever found is a must-see for the modern day treasure hunter.

The unprecedented find mesmerised archaeologists and historians around the world, and made global headlines. In Saxon Gold: Finding the Hoard, we uncover the full story.

Nothing like this has ever been found in Britain before – sixteen hundred pieces of bejewelled gold and silver, buried, lost then forgotten. Discovered in July 2009 by an amateur metal detecting enthusiast in Litchfield, Staffordshire, this magnificent golden hoard is set to shed light on one of the most mysterious periods of British history.

Dating back nearly 1,400 years from the mid-seventh century, everyone wants to know to whom the treasure belonged. Where and how was it made? Why was it buried? And why was it lost for over a millennium?

This absorbing show answers these questions and more, as we meet the key players involved in the incredible story; from the original finder with his metal detector and the owner of the land where this superb collection was found, to the experts who realised the hoard was of international significance and the team who speedily excavated the site in secret to prevent nighthawking.

The Hoard was valued at £3.3m by experts in November 2009. The Art Fund successfully led a public appeal to raise the funds and save the Hoard for posterity. The target sum was met on 23 March 2010. The Hoard will now be co-owned by Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery and the Potteries Museum & Art Gallery, Stoke.

For the finder his discovery has been life-changing. For archaeologists, this is just the beginning of a long journey to try and unravel the mysteries generated by the hoard of precious metal.

To unlock the secrets of the Saxon hoard a further £1.7 million is needed for vital research and conservation. If you want to help you can donate via the Art Fund at


  • Saxon Gold: Finding the Hoard
    For the first time ever, see the full magnificent hoard of Saxon treasure unearthed in Staffordshire in 2009. What does it reveal about our past?
  • Saxon Gold: Finding the Hoard: Episode 1
    For the first time ever, see the full magnificent hoard of Saxon treasure unearthed in Staffordshire in 2009. What does it reveal about our past?



Part Two


It was the treasure trove that sent shockwaves through the archaeological world – a fabulous collection of precious metal that captured the imagination of the public and experts alike.

Now, in Saxon Gold: New Secrets Revealed, you can explore the true significance of the £3million Staffordshire Hoard, and sift through hundreds of precious artefacts to reveal the remarkable tales behind the bounty.

British metal detecting enthusiast Terry Herbert struck gold when he uncovered over 3,500 Saxon artefacts in a field in 2009.

The haul is now in the joint custody of the Birmingham and Stoke museums – find out how the professionals are using the mountains of glittering gold and shimmering silver to shed new light on the mysterious Dark Ages – and provide eye-opening evidence of Britain’s violent past.

Curator Dr. David Symons is your guide as he trawls through the treasure with the help of a team of Anglo-Saxon metalwork specialists, gemstone analysts and osteoarchaeologists.

With the story of the Staffordshire Hoard slowly coming to light, examine the latest theories exciting archaeological experts worldwide and, above all, marvel at the craftsmanship, ingenuity and sophistication of Anglo-Saxon ancestors.


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