roman coins treasure trove

South Norfolk Hoard Declared Treasure

Ancient coin hoards discovered near Downham Market and Pulham St Mary have been declared treasure.

Roman coins hoard treasure

A hoard of Roman silver coins and a number of early medieval coins have been ruled to be treasure. A total of 26 Roman denarii were discovered by a metal detectorist John Kineavy. The trove is the third hoard from the same area in Pulham St Mary and it is thought more could still be at the site. Norfolk coroner Jacqueline Lake, sitting at King’s Lynn County Court, said the coins ranged from Republican issue to those of Roman Emperor Tiberius. They were issued between 154BC and AD37.


roman coins treasure trove

The hoard was unearthed on October 30 2014 and earlier collections, discovered in September 2012 and August 2013, included about 100 coins from the same period. The court heard Norwich Castle Museum are interested in housing the collection.

Roman coin hoard treasure

At yesterday’s inquest Mrs Lakes also declared another collection of coins found in Fincham near Downham Market as treasure. The coins were found by Stephen Sproule using a metal detector on August 30 2014. Mr Sproule also discovered a number of coins in October 2011 while metal detecting on land at Fincham. The coins were scattered over a wide area and appeared represent a hoard or part of a hoard. The most recent collection of treasure comprised eight silver Sceattas and described them as “porcupine types” – which refers to the design on the coin. They dated back to 730AD to 750AD.



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