Medieval gold coin treasure trove

Medieval treasure found by metal detectorist

Man finds thousands of pounds worth of medieval treasure including 15th century sapphire ring in field. Once in a lifetime’ find included 23 carat gold coins and a gold ring with a blue sapphire thought to have been from the 15th century. A pensioner stumbled on a “once in a lifetime” trove of medieval treasure when metal detecting in a friend’s field.Medieval gold coin treasure trove Cliff Massey, 86, found an impressive hoard of three 23 carat gold and 25 silver coins during two separate visits to Iford Edwards’ farm near Bronington. He also made the “once in a lifetime” discovery of a 15th century gold ring featuring a cabochon blue sapphire. The total value of the discovery is unknown but a similar find of gold and silver coins made in 2012 in the same field saw Mr Massey and Mr Edwards receive a fee of £800 each. The coins which are from the reigns of Edward III, Richard II, Henry VI – with three more pennies of uncertain rulers – are believed to be from the same deposit in which someone buried or lost them after 1465. Mr Massey, who has been metal detecting for around 15 years, first met Mr Edwards, 58, when he was called to help him find his keys which he had lost on one of his fields a decade ago.

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