GOLD ARTEFACT unearthed in kazakhstan

2000 years old gold artefacts discovered in kurgan in Kazakhstan

Archaeologists studying an ancient burial mound in southern Kazakhstan discovered gold and bronze artefacts – Tengrinews informs. The discovery was made during research in the Kok Kainar kurgan, located in the district of Alatau in Almaty, in southern part of the country near the border with Kyrgyzstan. The study of ancient burial place conducted by archaeologists from the Historical Museum in Almaty, led to the discovery of new artefacts. Among the finds there is a forged gold figurine of a wild cat, the front and rear paws are based on two flat plates, dating from approx. the fourth century BC.

GOLD ARTEFACT unearthed in kazakhstanAccording to the experts, the artefact was probably part of the composition with magical meaning which could be a decoration of a headgear. Another discovery was a gold plaque with a carved drawing showing a bird of prey with a hooked beak and spread wings, whose head is facing left. The form of a bird is shown on the background made of  strawberry-like fruits. According to the researchers, drawing on the unearthed plate may have heraldic meaning. All the artefacts discovered in the Kok Kainar kurgan were moved to the Historical Museum in Almaty.


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