Elizabeth 1st silver shilling

KMMDC Rally North East Staffordshire

The next KMMDC rally is on Saturday, the 18th of October, in North East Staffordshire

There are 20 places in total for members of the KMMDC and their guests only. Please contact Chris Cooper the KMMDC Secretary for details.

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The KMMDC had  two good rallies in September, with 2 hammered silver coins from the reign of Elizabeth the 1st being found on the second one.  Plus other good finds – see attached photos and list below.

Finds from the KMMDC 2nd Rally:

  1. Elizabeth 1st silver shilling 1580 hammered coin, Snake buckle 40mm x 20 copper alloy date unknown, 8 copper coins George III , Charles II , some with no detail.
  2. Lead Token with a simple design of a cross and four pellets, because of the simple design we would put it in the 1200’s, These tokens was give by the land owner to the workers as a payment and they would spend it on the land owner’s land for food so keeping his wealth.  Lead Bale Seal  – this was to seal flax or wool ,or cloth in bales, so when the pack horses got to the end of their journey the bales where checked to see if they have been tampered with.
  3. Tudor hook /clothes fastener 16th/17th century, Elizabeth I Sixpence 1578, finder has no idea what the tiny copper /bronze coin is ,maybe Roman ? , and what looks like a cut half of a Scottish King Alexander III  1250 -1280.
  4. Bronze Animal possibly Roman, we do not know what animal it was, and Cauldron foot (date unknown).


Lead Token bale seal bale seal side 16th century Tudor hook 1.	Elizabeth 1st silver shilling 1580 hammered coin rally finds belt fastener rally find Elizabeth 1st silver shilling metal detecting finds caldron foot Roman Bronze Animal

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