silver-gold-coin-hoard-treasure-metal-detecting Lindsifarne Hoard

Lindisfarne Hoard – Museum needs £7,000


Hoard of gold and silver coins dating from 1560s was discovered in the same building as those found 50 years ago on Northumberland island. In the 1560s Lindisfarne, a tidal island off the Northumberland coast near Berwick, was something of an armed camp close to the front line of the defence against Scotland. After Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries, stones from Lindisfarne Priory were used to build a small castle and other fortifications for the harbour.
The hoard has been declared Treasure, and the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle has now launched an appeal to keep the latest Lindisfarne Hoard with its predecessor at the Great North Museum. The total price of the hoard is £30,900, with £7,000 needed from public donations.
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silver-gold-coin-hoard-treasure-metal-detecting Lindsifarne Hoard
An old jug with some glistening contents: the Lindsifarne Hoard

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