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Gold Prospecting in Africa

Gold Prospecting in Africa with the XP DEUS V3 Metal detector


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Hello everyone, I was in Africa last September for the holidays. So, basically, I did not go in search of gold, but I still took my Deus in case. holidays end … 4 days before my return to France, through the channel of a friend, I met an old gold digger. the gentleman told me that he was a prospector for 7 years and now he buys in different countries (Cameroon, Congo, Guinea ….) to sell in Dubai. I ask him if there were already people ! metal detectors in the villages of miners in the area he replied that no, nobody has ever come in here with a detector knowledge … With a big smile (in my heart I said, great, must at all costs to convince an expedition before my return to France.) I told him that I have a very sophisticated device to search for gold, a new program has been developed specifically for gold mining in Africa and Australia. asks me how I can sell it to him! I said 1.2 million CFA Franc (about 1,830 euros). He asked me to lower the price a little, I say ok, we agree to put 1500 euros but the wireless headset. then the sale is approved subject to see what happens on the ground, some shopping and let’s go for three hours by car and 30 minutes by canoe on a river. then 1:30 motorcycle (without headphones through the jeugle) and arrived at the camp of miners or night it happens. (during the ride motorcycle was forced to 3-4 runway excursions), I do not know where the guy spent his motorcycle license lol. happily with runway condition (no way!), we not exceed 40km / h The next direction of research areas, after 45 minutes of walking, we arrive at the first river (almost dry as dry season, it not raining, so the river empties = ideal with a detector), I appreil lot, I put on the program 10, sensitivity 95 ground effect by pumping then boot. 1h pass without finding anything I start ask me questions, especially the guy said “here it gold there, people found nuggets without a camera so the biggest was about 1.1kg”, it re-motivated me a few cans here and there by , end of shovels (probably left by miners) and after 2 h to a good sound, index 88, and then I spell my first nugget, I called the guy who was a little ahead, saying, “just see” when it happens, I ask him, “It is not that the gold?” he answers with a big smile whao, super is gold, a nugget of 5g! Results of the first day: . The second day, we could get 11 grams Very satisfied with the Deus, I did expected really, shame that ca done that at the end of my vacation (I was on the verge of calling my boss to say that I prolonged my vacation lol. against by for the 2nd day, we fell a place where he y’avait a kind of black pebbles. sometimes in the form of stones, sometimes in the form of a plate or rock that sounded sharp, despite the adjustment of the effects of soil by pumping, nothing to do, no index on the dial, but its very hard, impossible to continue. unfortunately I have not thought about taking a piece to analyze, but I plan to start in January 2014 for three weeks this time of detection, I’m back to XP all the stones that can not be eliminated, it can pemettre improving a possible future Deus lol. this being very satisfied so I wanted to share my adventure, I made ​​short videos that I will post soon, c is more meaningful. adventure I wish all prospector live! soon!


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