A hoard of gold coins are to be put on display at the National Museum

Eighty-one gold coins dating from 17th-century are to be put on display at the National Museum in Dublin. They were found two weeks ago, hidden in the soil under the floor of u pub in Tipperary.

The National Museum of Ireland reports that the hoard was unearthed on 14th January 2013 during ground works being undertaken at Main Street, Carrick-on-Suir, Co. Tipperary.

It is believed to be the most significant gold coins find for decades. A hoard of a guineas and half guineas rapped together and hidden for hundreds of years.

Archaeologists from the Museum, who examined the site following the discovery last Friday, believe the coins may have been wrapped and held together by some material which has not survived.

The National Museum of Ireland have described it “as one of the most significant finds of the 17th century gold coins ever found in Ireland.”

The hoard was found by builders who did the right and passed them onto the authorities.

The coins will be on display in Collins Barracks within weeks and once they had been valued the honest builders will get finders fee from the state

RTE News Gold coin hoard to be displayed in National Museum

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