Article | Did Sussex bounty hunter dig up Captain Kidd’s treasure? Hunt for £12m haul of gold coins took charming chancer to hell and back

Published by Daily Mail On-line, written by GLENYS ROBERTS , Tuesday 20th November 2012

One of the most infamous pirates of all time, Captain Kidd was said to have amassed treasure worth £100,000 – a staggering £12 million now – before he was arrested for piracy and murder.

He buried a cache somewhere on his travels and at his trial in 1781, tried to barter his knowledge of its location in return for his life.

Kidd’s plan failed and he was sentenced to hang, his decaying body left to rot in public view for three years to deter other would-be pirates.

But the mystery of his missing loot goes on to this day, captivating adventurers who are convinced that his untold riches are still out there for the taking – if only they could find them

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