Metal Detecting and Digging on the Thames Foreshore

If you are thinking of heading down to the Thames foreshore armed with your metal detector this website gives you the in’s and out’s of what you can and cannot do.

Thames Foreshore Access for Leisure or Pleasure including Metal Detecting and Digging

The Thames foreshore is potentially hazardous and some dangers may not always be immediately apparent. The Thames rises and falls by over 7.0m twice a day as the tide comes in and out. The current is fast and the water is cold.

Anyone going on the foreshore does so entirely at their own risk and must take personal responsibility for their safety and that of anyone with them. In addition to the tide and current mentioned above there are other less obvious hazards, for example raw sewage, broken glass, hypodermic needles and wash from vessels. Steps and stairs down to the foreshore can be slippery and dangerous and are not always maintained.

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