Teknetics T2

Teknetics T2 with Coil cover, meter cover, battery box cover and headphones
The Teknetics T2 is a high performance, multi-purpose metal detector. It utilises the latest advances in electronic technology, and its functional design represents the leading edge of the metal detecting engineering art. The T2’s discrimination modes to eliminate unwanted metals so you only need to concentrate on the good stuff. The T2 has a large LCD screen with target identification display and an intuitive user interface. The double filter discrimination modes help you to search in trashy areas. This detector comes with a waterproof 11-inch open-frame bi-axial search coil and has a low operating cost – Typically 40 hrs with 4-AA Batteries. Instruction Manual
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Teknetic ’s opinion 
The T2is easier to learn to use properly than other comparable metal detectors. Its combination of light weight and balance provides comfort unmatched by any other detector in its price range. Its most popular uses include coin shooting, relic hunting, and gold prospecting.

  • Large LCD Screen with Target Identification Display
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Double – Filter Discrimination modes for searching in trashy areas
  • Ground Cancellation
  • Continuous Ground Monitor
  • Waterproof 11-inch Open-Frame Bi-Axial tm Search Coil
  • Low Operating Cost – Approximately 40 hrs with 4-AA Batteries



Multi-mode operation

  • All metal mode for greatest depth
  • Discrimination modes to eliminate unwanted metals
  • Ground cancellation works in all modes

Biaxial search coil – Penetrates all soils deeper

  • Iron mineral soils
  • conductive soil conditions
  • Salt water beaches
  • 11″ open frame

Dual function trigger switch

  • Pull for accurate pinpointing
  • Push to cancel ground mineral interference

Big, easy to read LCD display

  • Straightforward menu-driven user interface
  • Operating state always available
  • Target ID, depth display, battery condition, message centre, mode settings


115cm – 140cm adjustable
1.65 kg
13 kHz
4 x AA 1.5v batteries
2 Years


Teknetics T2 Control Box Teknetics T2 Coil


Reviews / Comments
“I’ve just tried one of these, my brother owns it, I haven’t detected for some time. I hated it to start as I don’t like lots of chattering going on, not knowing how to change the settings I persevered. He kept going on about how it finds hammered and halfs, quarters etc. I put the 4 gold coins found with it down to luck (all seperate locations). He found 2 in the previous 25 years with a range of detectors. So I tried it last night. I have found loads of hammered coins including a hoard with my trusty Minelab xs2a pro and prior to that my laser B1. No I didn’t find hammered on the first outing. Frustration quickly set in. Why???. because I couldn’t find what it told me was in front of my eyes. Time after time I found myself like a forensic investigator sifting through minute bits to find tiny fragments of buckles. Then depth I thought, ‘it must be in the side, hole getting bigger, so I learned to trust the pinpoint indicator re depth. After digging one of those darn 4 hole buttons at what I thought was a good depth. I thought, next time it’s deep I’m carefully going to check the depth. The chance came, top soil cleared, and out came a thin piece of lead from the clay under the topsoil, This and the size of my middle finger nail. Depth checked with my spade 10 to 11″. I was dumbfounded, so I presumed I’d missed a bigger piece of lead and it was a fragment. Nope it was the target, and it was a strong signal, so it’s range must have been higher than 12″ for that lead. Head scratching I carried on and more tiny fragments of various bits. Of such a small size I’ve never dug them before. Not only does it have great depth it still seems to recognise tiny fragments as good targets. No wonder he says it finds quarters, and the gold count I believe has gone up due to the T2. The hint really should have been the new gadget he has. He bought a pinpoint probe because of the T2. He’s never had one before. Now I will be buying a T2 and for the first time a probe. I am stunned at this ability of this machine. I never believe those wild claims in the magazines. My brother has been through a myriad of detectors. i can’t see him ever giving this one up, unless of course T” make one that provides a photo of the buried item before you dig it. I’m getting on the phone to buy one now. Two detectors in 15 years tells you I’m not one to be convinced by any old detector. The B1 was renowned and the xs2a had a good following too. But they can’t touch the T2 in my opinion. I’m ringing Regton now”
Aug 30 2011, 15:26 PM
by Graham Wood

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