XP GoldMaxx Power With 11 inch coil

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XP Gold Maxx Power With 11” coil; coil cover; control box cover; backphones;

The Gold Maxx Power metal detector is an exceptional machine to find little targets in difficults type of soil.The Gold Maxx Power 18 kHz search frequency, makes it a very sensitive to targets that are usually very difficult to detect, like thin coins, gold nuggets, jewels and all other small objects.

XP Gold Maxx Power With 11” coil; coil cover; control box cover; backphones;



The Gold Maxx Power metal detector comes with a New, powerful, entirely reworked circuit board, combining performance with higher sensitivity to winkle out the “goodies” in amongst iron. Combine this with a faster recovery than previous models - enabling you to find deeper targets near iron - as well as the new fine-tuning with the “Iron threshold” and you have a detector which puts you in control. On top of this, the Goldmaxx Power has the new 2 channel cordless headphone transmitter built into the circuit board to give you the option and freedom of detecting with the new cordless headphones. The NEW frequency shift switch on the front of the detector will help reduce interference. The Goldmaxx Power includes an auto setting specifically set up for UK conditions whereby it rejects coke without loss of depth on tiny targets near to iron. A more refined sensitivity control together with a new iron threshold control finishes off the changes to the front panel. In short, the new Goldmaxx Power is quicker, deeper and gives you more control than ever before. Coil cover and hipmount bag included.


XP themselves best sum up how the Iron Threshold control works:

“The GoldMaxx Power is still a "multi-tone" detector, but the user can now adjust the iron level setting by using the IRON THRESHOLD potentiometer. This potentiometer can be viewed as a detection setting with a range only covering iron. It has fine-tuning settings ranging from 0 to 20. At 0, all iron sounds at medium pitch. The higher the setting, the lower the pitch for detected iron. This, for example, enables small nails just to be picked up at a low pitch, whereas larger ones will be detected at medium pitch. As you will doubtless already know, too high a level of discrimination can hinder the performance of a detector. This setting was previously preset at level suited to the majority of users. But most of the time, beginners do not want iron to register on their machines, whereas more advanced users prefer to have this option to make it easier to detect targets on difficult terrain.!”


The GMP also incorporates an onboard transmitter for use with XP’s optional accessory cordless headphones. It also has a frequency shift switch, allowing you to help eliminate any external electronic interference from other XP users for example. The GMP is also very supported with a wide range of accessory coils, making this an extremely versatile detector.


Word of mouth is always the best form of advertising, as no one can argue with the success of other users, in this way the GMP has proven itself time and time again to offer the very best in detecting technology that money can buy.


XP Gold Maxx Power Metal Detector features:

  • Improved sensitivity settings
  • New telescopic "S" stem design
  • New 9” Carbon fibre coil & cover
  • New versatile hip mount bag
  • 3 Part shaft with twin collar locking system
  • Microprocessor analysis of signals
  • Multi-tone discrimination in all-metal mode
  • Volume control for low tone (iron volume)
  • All metal: Motion mode
  • Silencer switch: 3 positions to limit iron false signals
  • Ground exclusion: adjustable
  • Light and perfectly balanced
  • Tough polypropylene arm cup
  • Fibreglass lower stem
  • Battery life Alkaline: 50 hours



More Information
Brand XP
Detector Type Motion
Waterproof Coil Yes
Weatherproof No
Prospecting General
Frequency modes Single
Frequency 18 kHz
Coil Size 11"
Changeable Coil Yes
Wireless Coil No
Wireless Pin Pointer Unsupported
Wireless Headphones Supported
Audio Socket Large Jack (6.5 mm)
Volume Control No
Built-In Battery No
Battery Type AA 1.5v
Battery Included No
Display No
Display Backlight No
PinPoint Mode No
Target Depth No
Target I.D. No
Included Stem, Control Box, Control Box Cover, Coil, Coil Cover, Headphones
Warranty 5 Years
Weight 1.450000
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