Water Hunting Secrets of the PRO's Vol 2

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Water Hunting Secrets of the PRO's Volume 2

Water Hunting Secrets of the PRO's Volume 2

Water Hunting Secrets of the PRO's Volume 2

by C L Clynick.
Softback, 94 pages, Illustrated B&W, 13.5cm x 21.5cm.

Water Hunting: Secrets of the Pros, Volume IIClive James Clynick is the author of some 18 previous detecting books and numerous articles. In this detailed and informative guide, he shares top hunters' tips, tricks and secrets, including Caribbean pro-Roland "The King" Dalcourt. Topics include:

  • Developing Your "Treasure Awareness."
  • Discovering and Applying Your Machine's Strengths and Capabilities.
  • Advanced Shoreline Site Analysis: Grades, Strata and Classification
  • Roland "The King" Dalcourt: What Makes a Top Pro?
  • Understanding and Applying the "Wide Net/ Narrow Mesh" Anatomy of a Site "Breakthrough" From Observation to Action. Combining Tools, Skills and Methods.
  • Skill-Building, Adaptability and Versatility

...and much more...

In this book:
1. Introduction: Going Beyond the "Low-Hanging Fruit"
2. A Few Maxims--and the Wisdom Behind Them
3. Multiple Machines: "Matching the Hatch."
4. Anatomy of a Site "Breakthrough."
5. Post Script: Barriers to Success
6. From Observation to Action
7. Understanding Sea Change
8. Wave Action
9. Water Levels and Activity
10. Grades: The "Big Picture."
11. In-Water Contours and Berms
12. Trenches and Gullies
13. Machine Values
14. Depth
15. Stability
16. Accuracy
17. Conclusiveness
18. Coverage
19. Small Object Sensitivity
20. Fast Salt Water
21. Black Sand.
22. Dense Iron
23. "What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
24. Other Equipment Values
25. Hunter Skill Values
26. Coil Control
27. Signal Acquisition and Examination
28. "Trash Tolerance."
29. Edge Hunting
30. Deep Water Work
31. Running a Safety Float--Safely
32. Rough Water Skills
33. Dig Values
34. Comfort
35. Combining Tools, Skills and Methods
36. A Case Study: "Narrowing the Mesh."
37. Hunt Values Chart
38. Roland Dalcourt: Anatomy of a Top Pro
39. Conditioning and Health
40. Equipment Handling
41. Roland's Repair and Preventive Kit
42. Mindset of a Top Pro
43. Conclusion
44. Appendices: "Surface Hunting."
45. Other Books by this Author
46. Ordering and Feedback

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