Understanding White's DFX

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Understanding White's DFX by Jimmy "Sierra" Normandi. Soft back, 142 pages, 14cm x 21.5cm.

Understanding White's DFX by Jimmy "Sierra" Normandi. Soft back, 142 pages, 14cm x 21.5cm.

Advice and guidance on the DFX from one of its most experienced users. An expert treasure hunter provides field experience tips to maximize the potential of this professional grade detector. Jimmy Sierra - Author

  • Historical overview
  • Introduction & goal
  • New features and differences of XLT & DFX
  • Understanding the controls of the DFX


Basic adjustments

  • Target volume
  • Audio threshold
  • Tone (Audio frequency)
  • Audio disc
  • Silent search
  • Mixed mode
  • A.C Sensitivity
  • D.C Sensitivity
  • Backlight
  • Viewing angle


Audio section

  • Ratchet pinpointing
  • S.A.T speed
  • Tone ID
  • V.C.O
  • Modulation


G.E.B Trac section

  • Autotrac
  • Trac view
  • Trac speed
  • Trac offset
  • Trac inhibit
  • Coarse G.E.B
  • Fine G.E.B


Discrimination section

  • Disc edit
  • Block edit
  • Learn accept
  • Learn reject
  • Recovery speed
  • Bottle cap reject
  • Hot rock reject
  • Sweep speed
  • Ground filtering


Display section

  • Visual discrimination
  • Icons
  • VDI sensitivity
  • D.C phase
  • Accumulate
  • Average
  • Fade
  • Pre-Amp gain


Multifrequency method section

  • Two frequency best data
  • Two frequency correlate
  • One frequency 3Khz
  • One frequency 15 Khz
  • Conclusion


On the back cover:

About 2 months ago, I bumped up from an XLT to a DFX so that I could hit the wet beach in New Jersey. Well, in the past 2 months I have found 3 gold rings, new coins, and lots of cool stuff, and what I thought were old coins ...until last week! I was hunting in a local park, and had a pocket full of clad change, and a fake gold earring in my pouch. Then, I got a solid signal that came up quarter and out popped an 1825 half cent. I was psyched. My oldest coin to date was a 1900 Indian head penny. But the best was yet to come. About 10 feet away I get another solid coin signal and out she came. A 1786 Colonial Jersey cent. WOOHOO!!! When I dug it, I didn't even know what it was. I thought it was some type of foreign coin. I posted it on the internet, and people were going crazy. Apparently it is a very rare find!

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