The Legend Handbook by Andy Sabisch

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The Legend Handbook by Andy Sabisch.

Nokta The Legend Handbook by Andy Sabisch


Paperback, 168 pages, 8.5" x 11".


From the author:

The Nokta Legend Handbook is finally with the printer and will be available by mid-November 2022, just in time to get a copy for Christmas or your library.

This Handbook, authorised by Nokta, follows in the footsteps of past model-specific Handbooks that help unlock the power of detectors and contain the information you need to master The Legend quickly.

Thanks to input and tips from Legend users worldwide, this book covers virtually any hunting you want to try and how best to handle any ground or site condition you might encounter. The input from seasoned hunters has made these Handbooks so valuable and well-received. The Legend Handbook is no exception and is jammed full of how-to information that cuts through the noise and will let you dial your Legend into your area and the type of targets you are searching for.

The book is 168 pages and measures 8.5" x 11". In addition to the invaluable information captured between its covers, the figures will help simplify some of the topics that may have been confusing, and the find photos will get you motivated to hit the field with knowledge.

This Handbook is the perfect companion to a detector that has proven to be a powerful piece of equipment. It will be an easy reference guide with information for even the most seasoned hunter, which means more finds at the end of the day and more enjoyment in the available time.

A word of thanks to those who contributed to this Handbook, as it helped to make a solid source of information even more thorough and useful.

Best of luck out there,

Andy Sabisch

On the back cover:

Founded in Turkey by Muzaffer Onlek in 2003, Makro Technology and Nokta Engineering opened their doors to develop equipment that offered features and performance existing equipment locked. The two companies merged into one in 2014 under the auspices of Muzaffer's brother Mehmet and continued to produce detectors under both the Nokta and Makro brands. In 2018, the name became NoktalMakro, and they produced a single line of metal detection equipment. The company, now known as Nokta Detection Technologies, leveraged their engineering and design efforts to develop several innovative detectors, including Kruzer, Anfibio, Simplex+ and most recently, THE LEGEND, which brings Simultaneous Multi-Frequency operation and high-end performance to detectorists worldwide!

THE LEGEND Handbook contains the information you need to help you quickly master the Legend and unlock all the performance it is capable of in the field.


Some of the topics covered include:

  • Build a solid foundation by learning what every function and control does and when to adjust it
  • How to get maximum performance with a minimum of adjustments.
  • Benefit from proven tips & techniques provided by experienced users worldwide for various applications.
  • Learn how to search for and find old coins, jewellery, relics and more on land and in the water.
  • Accessories can help you find more, protect your investment, and enjoy your time in the field.

Whether you already own THE LEGEND or are still considering purchasing one, you will find this book to be an invaluable resource that was assembled from actual, in-field experience by veteran users from around the world. Even if you have been using the Legend since it was released in 2021, just one or two new ideas or tips gleaned from the pages of this book can give you the edge over the competition enabling you to find what others have missed!

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