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Walkthrough Metal Detectors

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Regton stocks a number of Garrett walkthrough metal detectors. Top of the range of the archways is the Garrett PD6500i Magnascanner. The unique 33 zone pinpoint facility assures the ultimate in safety, throughput and reliability with pre-set programmes to cover the most complete range of security applications. The Garrett PD6500i walkthrough metal detector can now be seen in many UK railway stations as part of the British Transport Police anti knife crime initiative. Our walkthrough archway metal detectors, often referred to as airport scanners can be used for many different security uses. Along with crime prevention in sensitive areas such as courts and government buildings, the airport scanners can be used for loss prevention in large warehouses and shops. The Garrett name has become synonymous with the security at many of the modern olympic games and is a trusted name in many countries. The Garrett range of hand held body scanners complements the walkthrough metal detector range.

Guide to Understanding and Selecting Walk Through Security Archways

Walkthrough metal detectors fall into one of two general categories.

The first type of walk through metal detectors provides single zone detection. Garrett CS5000 The second type provides multi zone detection. Basic multi zone detectors like the Garrett MT 5500 will identify that the target is on the left side, middle or right side. To understand the difference, To make this easier here’s a quick example. Let's say that an individual walks through the metal detector with a hidden item located down a sock. Both the single and multi zone detectors will locate the target. The difference between the two is that the multi zone detector will be able to identify the location of the target, on either the left or right side of the individual. More advanced multi zone detectors like the Garrett PD 6500i will pinpoint the specific location from head to toe and on the left or right side. An important point to remember here is that the more zones the archway has, the more accurate the archway will be therefore speeding up the search process.

  • Garrett CS5000 = 1 Zone
  • Garrett MT5500 = 3 Zone
  • Garrett PD6500i = 33 Zone

Pinpointing the location of the target quickly is important so that your security personnel can respond quickly. Larger numbers of patrons or staff require greater throughput. If you are scanning a large volume of individuals, a multi zone metal detector will allow you process more individuals a lot more efficiently.


What are the typical locations and uses for a walk through metal detector?

At one time, security metal detectors were primarily seen just in airports and prisons. Today we see walk through detectors in a variety of locations including police stations, night clubs, schools, public and private buildings and for corporate work place security. They are also used in manufacturing facilities, warehouses for loss prevention, nuclear facilities, transportation terminals, courthouses, historical landmarks, sporting events, arenas and at concerts.


Choosing the best configuration.

Will your detector be set up at one location or do you plan to move the detector from location to location? If you will be moving the detector often, you will want a light weight portable walk through metal detector or one that can be moved easily. Garrett CS5000


Setup and operation:

Modern security archway detectors are easy to setup and operate. Each unit will come with a detailed manual and instructional setup video. Digital electronics are easily adjusted through a touch pad and LCD display. The walk through metal detectors come with factory preset programs. You can adjust the detectors for your specific location or the type of object that you are looking to locate. Based on the level of sensitivity that you choose, the detector can be adjusted to locate various targets.

Controlling the flow of traffic is important when setting up your metal detector. You will want to be sure that all individuals that enter or leave the building are directed through the detector. It is a good idea to have a basket or tray setup next to the metal detector for individuals to place any metal objects in to. It is important that watches, coins, keys, belts and other large metal objects are removed before walking through the detector. The better organized you are, the better your through put will be.


Do I also need a security wand?

You can think of the walk through detector as the general screening device. Once you have identified that an individual has a concealed item, you will need to precisely pinpoint it. A metal detector wand will let you locate the target quickly. Security wands will alert you to the target with an audible tone, target identification light, vibration or a combination of the three. The wand metal detector is a required accessory for use with an archway detector.


Rolling out your security plan:

Armed with a good knowledge of your organisation and the available types of security metal detectors, you are now ready to choose the best equipment. We are here to help you put the pieces of the puzzle together. Feel free to speak with one of our Security Specialists to discuss your specific needs.


About Garrett metal detectors

“Your Safety is our company’s business.”

Charles and Eleanor Garrett founded their company in 1964 to build a better metal detector. Through the decades, they have maintained this goal, keeping their products American-made with the highest of quality standards. Garrett Metal Detectors has long supported international security and law enforcement through training, the sharing of technology and by providing the best quality security products available. Warranty Protection Garrett Electronics, Inc. warrants that each piece of security equipment manufactured by Garrett is protected by a limited parts and labor warranty for a period of 24 months. During this 24-month period Garrett will inspect and evaluate all equipment returned to its authorized repair station or factory to determine if the equipment meets Garrett’s performance specifications. Garrett will repair or replace at no charge to the owner all parts determined faulty. This Warranty does not cover batteries nor any and all failures caused by abuse, tampering, theft, failure due to weather, submersion, battery acid or other contaminants and equipment repairs made by an unauthorized party.



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