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Regton Security & Loss Prevention

Regton's security walkthrough metal detectors have been utilised in a number of warehouse environments accross the UK. The walkthrough detectors are used in conjunction with the Hand Held body scanners and Random Search Selectors to prevent loss and theft of items in warehouses and other areas where stock is kept.

Please feel free to telephone us on 0121 359 2379 to discuss your security needs and help to develop a system that will work for you.

There are a number of ways to implement the procedure for random searches. It could be done by software selecting from a list of employees, but this is fundamentally flawed in as much as it has little or no visible deterrent effect - and the deterrent effect is what you are really trying to achieve. It could be performed by security personnel or supervisory staff, but by the very nature of using people to do the task, it cannot be truly random, 'people' are not inclined to be random, we think before we act, therefore any individual selected (or allowed to pass!) has been done so for a reason - that is not random. Then of course it is necessary to take account of human failings - corruption, negligence or prejudice (positive or negative!), of the person conducting the selection - this can both undermine the effectiveness of the procedure and lead to claims of bias. Undoubtedly the best way of implementing a 'Random Search Selection' procedure is to use a 'Random Search Selector'.

These devices are truly random, unbiased and incorruptible, always 'alert' and functioning, and most important of all, provide the high profile deterrent that makes Random Search Selection such an efficient and cost effective method of company policy enforcement. Typically, in an established security procedure, the 'Stop' ratio need only be set to around 5% or less to achieve near total compliance with policy - such is the effectiveness of having a device that reminds ALL employees of your company's policy EVERY time they have to consciously push the button - this is the deterrent effect working for your company and minimising your costs.

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