Roman Coins & their values I

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Roman Coins & their values I by David R. Sear. Hard back, 532 pages, Illustrated B&W, 14.5cm x 22cm

Roman Coins & their values I by David R. Sear.
Hard back, 532 pages, Illustrated B&W, 14.5cm x 22cm


The recently completely revised edition of the standard reference work on this massive subject with values for several grades. Now includes all the silver and gold coins too. The Republic and the twelve Caesar’s 280BC-AD96.


On the sleeve:

The 'Millenium edition' of this popular work makes a radical departure from previous editions. The catalogue entries have been expanded to include a virtually complete listing of the entire Roman Republican series, as well as more comprehensive coverage of the much larger and more complex Imperial series. Greater emphasis is now placed on the precise chronology and place of mintage of each type and extensive coverage is given to the important series of billon and bronze coins struck at Alexandria over a period of more than 300 years. The valuations have been exhaustively researched from recent auction records and fixed price catalogues and many professional numismatists have contributed their valuable opinions on specific series. Prices (both in British pounds and US dollars) are now expressed in either two or three grades of preservation for each entry, usually 'VF' and 'EF' for precious metal issues, and 'F','VF' and 'EF' for imperial bronzes. Perhaps most importantly for the collector, the number of photographic illustrations in the text has been increased, and their quality improved. Expansion on this scale has inevitably led to a need to divide the work into two volumes, but collectors and dealers will now find it of much greater value both as a source of information and as a comprehensive work of reference for this vast and complex series.

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