Roman Coinage in Britain by P.J. Casey

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Roman Coinage in Britain by P.J. Casey Soft back, 64 pages, Illustrated B&W

Roman Coinage in Britain by P.J. Casey
Soft back, 64 pages, Illustrated B&W


A concise but well illustrated introduction to the subject by an archaeologist who has made Roman coinage one of his specialities. A Shire archaeology title. (See also Z24CC, a companion volume).

Roman Coinage in Britain contents:

  • List of illustrations
  • Preface
  • The Roman Imperial currency system
  • The Roman coinage in Britain
  • Site finds - civil sites
  • Site finds - military sites
  • coin hoards
  • Museums
  • Further reading

On the back cover:

This book puts the coinage of the Roman period in Britain into a perspective of the economic and political events of the time. After outlining the currency system of the Empire from the first century to the fourth and investigating the factors which influenced the volume of coinage issued by the state and the occassions on which it was issued, Mr Casey considers the way in which the coinage found on Roman sites in Britain conforms to or deviates from this imperial pattern. Social, economic and locational factors are investigated, and the very characteristic pattern of the coinage found in Britain is illustrated from a number of archaeological sites. The work is aimed at the practising archaeologist as well as the general student of the past, and emphasis is placed on the need to understand the overall pattern of coin production and use in the Roman period before deductions are made about the chronology and occupation of individual sites. Almost all of the commonest Roman coins found in Britain are illustrated at actual size.

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