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We have a wide range of metal detectors from manufacturers worldwide such as Garrett, XP metal detectors, Viking, C.Scope, Nokta Makro. So if you are looking for a metal detector for kids, a beginner's hobby metal detector or a top-of-the-range professional detecting machine, you are in the right place.

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  1. XP Deus II with 11" FMF coil, Remote Control, & WS6 Headphones

  2. Garrett Ace APEX with 6 x 11 Viper with additional 8.5 x 11 Raider coil and MS3 headphones

  3. XP Gmaxx 2 with 11'' Coil

  4. XP Gmaxx 2 with 9" Coil

  5. Garrett Ace 150 with Headphones and Coil Cover

  6. Nokta The Legend Metal Detector PRO Pack

    Out of stock
  7. Nokta The Legend Metal Detector

  8. XP Deus II WS6 MASTER with 11" FMF Coil

  9. XP Deus II WS6 MASTER with 9" FMF Coil

  10. Garrett AT Max International Jase Robertson Signature Edition

    Out of stock
  11. Garrett ACE Apex Jase Robertson Signature Edition Metal Detector

  12. XP Deus II with 11" FMF Coil & Remote Control

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