A selection of headphones for metal detectors from brands like Garrett, XP, Detector Pro, Nokta Makro etc.

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  1. XP WSAII XL Wireless Headphones for DEUS II

  2. XP WSAII Wireless Headphones for DEUS II

  3. XP WS6 Headphones for DEUS II

  4. XP BH01 Bone Conduction Headphones for DEUS II

  5. XP black Backphones with storage case

  6. XP black Backphones

  7. XP Waterproof Wired Earphones

  8. XP WS Audio Cordless Backphones

  9. XP WS5 cordless headphones

  10. XP WS4 cordless backphones

  11. XP WS3 cordless headphones

  12. XP WS2 cordless backphones

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