A large selection of headphones and headphone accessories designed for all kinds of metal detectors. Large headphones, small backphones, wired and wireless, for use on land or underwater.

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  1. XP WSAII Wireless Headphones for DEUS II

  2. Nokta Headphones Waterproof

  3. Nokta 2.4GHz Green Edition Wireless Headphones

  4. Garrett MS-3 Wireless Z-Lynk Kit

  5. XP WS4 Cordless Backphones

  6. XP WS3 Wireless Headphones

  7. XP WS1 Two-Channel Wireless Backphones

  8. Garrett AT, ATX, Sea Hunter MKII underwater headphones

  9. XP WSAII XL Wireless Headphones for DEUS II

  10. Nokta EZ Wander Wireless Receiver

  11. Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless System

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