Garrett 4.5" Super Sniper Coil for ACE

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Garrett Super Sniper 4.5" Coil for ACE range.

Garrett Super Sniper 4.5" Coil for ACE range

Compatible with:

  • Ace 150
  • Ace 200i
  • Ace 250
  • Ace 300i
  • EuroAce
  • Ace 400i

Note: NOT suitable for Ace APEX

The 4.5" Ace Super Sniper coil is a highly specialised coil exclusively designed for the Garrett Ace Series of metal detectors. Its compact size and unique shape are tailored to help detect smaller, shallow targets in cluttered or restricted areas where larger coils struggle to fit. This includes sites beneath tree roots, crevices, and other confined spaces that are difficult to search using conventional coils.
Despite its small size, the Ace Super Sniper coil boasts impressive performance, allowing for better manoeuvrability and accuracy in target detection. This makes it a must-have accessory for any serious metal detecting enthusiast looking to maximise their chances of finding small or elusive objects in challenging environments. Its exceptional sensitivity and excellent pinpointing ability make it the perfect tool for detecting small coins, jewellery, and other valuable objects that larger coils may miss.

More Information
Brand Garrett
MPN 2221800
Waterproof Coil Yes
Prospecting General
Frequency kHz
Coil Size 4.5'' Sniper Coil
Wireless Coil No
Warranty 2 Years
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