Finding Gold Nuggets II

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Finding Gold Nuggets II by Jimmy "Sierra" Normandi Soft back, 80 pages, Illustrated B&W, 14cm x 21.5cm

Finding Gold Nuggets II by Jimmy "Sierra" Normandi
Soft back, 80 pages, Illustrated B&W, 14cm x 21.5cm


Finding Gold Nuggets is an informative and useful tool for anyone deciding to follow the trail of the ‘49ers’ and chase the elusive gold nugget.

On the back cover:

Jimmy "Sierra" Normandi is a happy man, and who wouldn't be if they were holding a 21lb quartz rock containing 19 ounces of gold. His treasure was found with his Goldmaster V/SAT. The quartz was found at a depth of 30 inches under base of tailing pile in the Sierras....

"My trowel hit a large metallic object. I picked up the golden chunk of metal that set my heart pounding. I knew this nugget was going to weigh over an ounce". Gerry "Grubstake" Edwards has acquired his name naturally.. He's found grubstakes, with his Goldmaster2 and Goldmaster V/SAT. 1,975 grains of gold in one hour. Largest nugget 1 1/3 oz. 

Finding Gold Nuggets II contents:

  • Choosing a Detector
  • Which detector is best for gold prospecting
  • How do I evaluate a multipurpose detector
  • What is manual ground cancelling
  • What is autotune or SAT
  • What about discrimination
  • What is sensitivity control
  • Conclusion
  • What about loop size
  • What about loop style
  • A gold prospecting detector
  • Transmitting frequency
  • Can high frequency cancel bad ground
  • Loop shape
  • What about autotune or SAT
  • Is a sensitivity control needed
  • Is a non motion all metal mode needed
  • What is threshold hum
  • Volume control
  • Discrimination or Target Identification


  • Prospecting equipment
  • Do I need headphones
  • What do I dig with
  • Trowels
  • Magnetic hoe
  • Rock pick - Chisel - Crevicer
  • How do I carry things
  • Digging pouch
  • Vest
  • How do I find the gold nugget
  • What should I put the nugget in
  • Is a hip-mount kit essential
  • Fatherly advice
  • Specialized vehicle
  • Insect repellant
  • First aid kit
  • Extra clothing
  • Special equipment
  • Where can I prospect for gold
  • A little about gold


  • Let's go nugget hunting
  • First time out
  • Let's try again, I'm hooked
  • Hot gullies of the Mohave
  • The prospecting detector
  • What about hot rocks
  • Put it in the sack & go home
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